Double Deepl plugin problem (Tags insertion)




I have a problem with the DeepL plugin version 4.4 for Trados Studio 2019.


In my projects, I have tags. They appear in Trados like in this simple example.

Unfortunately, when using the DeepL plugin, tags are handled like this


when, in order to be helpful, it should be like this.

As things is now, I prefer to translate via website as tags are altogether ignored and thus I only have to insert them. This Deepl plugin treatment of tags is timeconsuming, because I have to delete them manually and re-insert them (again, manually again), so double the work.


The marvel would be if the plugin or Trados knew that <tg6.1> is not an aceptable tag, the correct tags is   (etc). As it is now, the plugin is useless as it not only inserts these <xxxx> tags, but the translation of the texts is muddled because of them.


Is this the expected behaviour of this plugin when we were told it handled tags? Or it's doing something wrong? Does any other version solve this issue? Version 2.9?


Thank you,

Ignacio Niveiro

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