Bug in when executing Protect Batch task in Task sequence - SDL Data Protection Suite / Project Anonymizer

I'm using SDL Trados Studio 2019 Professional,, with the SDL Data Protection Suite app (https://appstore.sdl.com/language/app/sdl-data-protection-suite/936/)


As a project manager I want to run the Protect Data batch task automatically when I create a project. The regexes in the Protect Data batch tasks should be determined by the project template.

  1. Create a task sequence with the Protect Data batch task.
    1. Convert to Translatable Format
    2. Copy to Target Languages
    3. Protect Data
    4. Apply PerfectMatch
    5. Pre-translate Files
    6. Analyze Files
  2. Prepare a project to create a project template that has the correct settings.
    1. Create a 'normal' project.
    2. Run Protect Data batch task with relevant Regexes.
    3. Run Unprotect Data batch task (else the project template will think data is always protected).
  3. Create a project template based on that project.
  4. In the project template, set the Default Task Sequence to your custom task sequence in step 1.
  5. Create a project based on the project template.

Expected result:

Protect batch task is executed and converts regex matches to tags.

Actual result:

Protect batch task is executed but does not convert regex matches to tags. Why is that? Is it a bug?


  • After creating the project, you can't run the Protect Data batch task (because it already ran). You can run the Unprotect Data batch task, and then run the Protect Data batch task again. Now the regex matches are converted to tags.
  • Change the order of the batch tasks in the task sequence. If you put Protect Data at the end, it will work correctly. This is however not ideal, because the matches from Pre-Translate and PerfectMatch may not appear (since they are protected, but your current XLIFF isn't yet).