Can't get the Term Injector plugin to work for me. What am I doing wrong?

Last week I installed the TermInjector plugin.

I read Paul Filkin's article + user comments (

I watched Paul's video tutorial as well (

And last but not least, I read, printed, studied and annotated the plugin's author's documentation page (

In my case, L1 is French and L2 is English. I am trying to use the Term Injector to inject a different date format.

Here's what I'm trying to achieve and the template rule I came up with:

Here's the content of my .txt file:

As for the actual steps, here's what I did:

I basically followed all the steps given in the author's documentation and Paul's video.

But, after going over the rule I created and the steps to lauch and use TI, the result is still this:

No dates injected in the target segments!

I went over the expressions in my rule (all three fields), redid all the steps, but still no success.

I tend to think that my mistake(s) must be with the rule because I only started recently to learn

about regex and fiddle with them.

How can I make this work?