DeepL Translation Provider pre-translation problem

Hi everyone,

after using the Studio plugin for DeepL a couple of months, I managed to narrow down another issue we’ve been coming across.

I’m using plugin version 3.8.5 in Studio 2017 SR1 CU14.

Here’s the test file:


Segment 13 contains two non-breaking hyphens. Since they both have the same ID, it seems that the plugin can’t deliver a translation (error message is that an element with the same key has already been added). Now, apart from the problem that the plugin can’t handle those non-breaking hyphens tags (which is not overly dramatic, since in most cases you don’t need them in the translation), when you pre-translate the file using the DeepL Translation provider, the segments before and after segment 13 aren’t pre-translated either. It seems every time the plugin can’t process a segment, the segments before and after aren’t pre-translated. Even if you lock segment 13, the other segments aren’t pre-translated.

I know that in the past there has been a problem with pre-translation stopping completely when there was a problematic segment, so the actual behaviour is a lot better. :-) However, it would be nice if the segments before and after would be pretranslated.

It would be great if you could have a look at this.