Post-Edit Compare error Trados Studio 2019

Please somebody HELP!!!! I am at my wit's end with this. Have been trying on and off to solve for months!!!!


When I try to generate the report, a pop up appears with the message "The type initializer for 'Sdl.Community.PostEdit.Compare.Core.Processor' threw an exception.


The problem is that I have downloaded the latest version, for 2019, deleted ALL plugin references, then reinstalled, reinstalled again and again... and it is the same problem on a Windows 7 and Windows 10 machine. There is something fundamentally wrong, and no way to correct it, and it has to date not been resolved in all forum entries I have found regarding the same error:

The suggested solution is not relevant at the time of writing - there are no later versions available to download than the one for 2019 (the latest version is installed)

"run as administrator" does not work

"run as administrator" does not work

Nothing to do with using the latest version. I'm using Trados Studio 2019 with the correct version for 2019. In any case, the same occurred with 2015 with the latest version for 2015...

It's a real shame that I have to stick with the original SDLXLIFF COMPARE app, as good as it is. Please someone give me a solution!





  • Hello  ,

    It is always difficult to pinpoint what might be causing this issue when we cannot replicate it and/or very few others report similar issues (compared to the number of overall users)

    When we see 'Threw an Exception' in the error- this is a notification that something on the system is preventing the app from starting/running properly

    I note that you have checked many other threads for a solution- but im wondering if this is actually a local issue and caused by the overall admin resrictions if the software/apps are installed say for instance in a corporate/agency/university restricted network which may allow the installation of the software- but doesjnt allow propwer admin rights on the lovcal machine to actually run the software.

    Maybe its worth (if this is the scenario) asking the IT department for advise on this.