Issues with MT Enhanced Plugin for Trados Studio (Version 4.3.2 for 2019, 3.0.2 for 2017)

I took a liberty to copy this post from 'SDL Trados Studio Ideas' section for lack of activity (and request by admin).

I actually repro this issue on version 3.0.2 with Trados Studio 2017 although the original post says otherwise.





Dear community,

I am writing this message, since I was testing the updated plug-in called MT Enhanced using Microsoft Translator plug-in.

This way, upon running several tests, I came across the following issue:

When I MT a file with more than 10 translation units, then, I do not get any valid translation for the second segment. This way, it "takes" the content from segment number 10 and shows it there as it was the right translation. 

You can find further details if you double-check my screenshot:

Hence, the source segment Er überwacht den regelgerechten Spielverlauf durch Tatsachenentscheidungen sowie Zeitnahmen und ahndet regelwidriges Verhalten durch disziplinarische Maßnahmen is translated into English as Timing (DE Zeitnahme), which is actually translation unit number 10

Besides, note there are not any translations for segments 1 and 3-10. However, the translations are quickly displayed once you click on such segments.

All in all, my main concern is if this can be fixed, since we have been using for months version number 3.0.2, for Studio 2017, and we have not spotted any issue like this. 

For extra reference, I saved my test project here.


Please, do not hesitate to contact me in case of queries.


Kind regards,