How do I make a suggestion to the Studio development team about a new feature/functionality I would really appreciate in a future upgrade of Studio?


I would like to make a suggestion to the Studio development about a new feature I would really appreciate in a future upgrade.

What is the email address or the web page address to make such a suggestion?


In case, this is the right place, here's the functionality/feature I would really appreciate:

I do spend quite a bit of time going back through our SDLXLIFF files to expand our numerous TBs.

Our situation here at our firm (medical field) is such that I have created various TBs according to specialties and types of documents we translate.

Typically, those documents always have a mix of general medical terms and specialized medical terms.

Right now with Studio, as I select a matching pair of words or a groups of words in a given source and target segment, I can only add them to one or more TBs (via the project settings dialog box). That way, I end up adding, for example, a general expression like "bras droit"-"right arm" to many of our specialized medical TBs. More often than not, our documents have more general medical terms than specialized ones.

I do not not find this process to be efficient; too many duplicates across our TBs and increased file size for every TB concerned.

What I would like is something along the following lines:

By default, all my TBs are included in the project settings for every project I create.

Then, as I go through an SDLXLIFF file, I'm quickly able to select/deselect (maybe via check boxes or radio buttons or a right-click contextual menu on the selected pair) the TB or TBs where I want to add a given matching pair without having to constantly go to Project settings dialog box to change the TB(s) I want to use, as it is the case now.

Ideally, I would like to be able to have a TB that would contain our GENERAL medical terms or expressions plus other SPECIALIZED medical TBsfor each specialty we deal with.

That way, as I go through an SDLXLIFF file, when I encounter "main gauche"-"left hand", I could select to add the pair to my GENERAL medical terms TB and when I encounter "bursite"-"bursitis", I could deselect the GENERAL MED. TB and select to add the pair to our SPECIALIZED ORTHOPEDIC TB.

I would then avoid having to add a single matching pair to multiple TBs. Again, it would do away with duplicates across multiple TBs; file size of TBs would be smaller and it would be faster to build our TBs.

f my text lacks clarity in some places, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.