How much computing power (CPU, RAM, hard drive/m.2, etc.) is necessary to run without any lag SDL Studio (Professional edition) with one or more large TMs and TBs (>100 000 units/entries each)? What is your experience?


We have been using SDL Trados Studio Professional Edition only for about 7 months now.

We have a couple of desktops and laptops but our main machine is a desktop computer.

It is a DELL XPS-8900 running 64-bit Win 10 Pro.

The main specs are:

Intel i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00Ghz;

32 Gb RAM;

500Gb SSD drive (only programs installed; program data on separate drives)

Our firm has been in the translation business for over 20 years.

Given that we've been using Studio for less than a year, we have a very large numbers of

archived translations to align to build our TMs and TBs.We've been aligning for months and there

is still a mountain of files to process.

Needless to say our TMs and TBs are getting bigger and bigger by the week.

When using Studio, in the "Editor" view,  I've started to notice something when we click in a segment

to translate: for example, it now takes a couple of seconds for the results to appear in the "Term recognition"

and "Translation results" panes.

Is this lag somewhat "normal" when a couple of TMs and TBs (100 000 units/entries each) are included in a given project?

I'm curious to know what kind of specs are needed to run Studio without any lag or is this unrealistic when the TMs and TBs

get beyond a certain size. What is your experience in the matter?

Looking forward to reading about your experience/advice,


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