SDLXLIFF Converter - Error "Could not load file or assembly DocumentFormat.OpenXML, Version" (SDL Studio 2019 SR1 CU3 55768)

Hi there,

After updating to SDL Studio 2019 SR1 CU3 55768, SDLXLIFF Converter throws the following error when processing files: "Could not load file or assembly DocumentFormat.OpenXML, Version".

It seems that SDLXLIFF Converter has dependency to file "DocumentFormat.OpenXML.dll" needs to be updated to reflect the current version of the file ( after the updte to SDL Studio 2019 SR1 CU3 55768.

Could you please update the SDLXLIFF Converter so it works as expected with this last Studio update?



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  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for reaching out. 

    The external application seems to offer better performance and Export/Import stability. We have come across situations in which Studio failed to import the bilingual revisions, and we finally solved the situation with the external app.

    Also, the external app includes some segment exclusión settings that might come handy in some scenarios.

    These would be my main reasons, but I am sure other users would have some additional ones that might encourage SDL to keep supporting the external app.

    Kind Regards,


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