Generating Preview

A client of mine has an extremely frustrating problem in Studio when using a server-based translation memory.

If they translate using a server-based TM, each time they confirm a segment, Studio freezes for several seconds (sometimes up to 10 seconds) before it jumps to the next untranslated segment. Can you imagine waiting 5 seconds after each segment, in a file that has 1.000 segments? 

This appears to be an old and unresolved issue. If you google it, you'll see frustrated translators since Studio 2015, all with the same symptoms ( My client created several support tickets, but support really did not handle this well. The translators all re-installed Studio and some other stuff (even though it's clearly server-related).

To summarize the traditional suggestions

  • The status bar at the bottom of the screen says 'Generating preview'.
  • Re-installing does not help.
  • The preview pane is closed.
  • If I disable the GroupShare TM, it all works fine.
  • I also tried to enable and disable the LookAhead feature, but that had no effect at all.
  • The internet connection is not the problem, the speed is fine.
  • The firewall is not the problem.
  • If another colleague opens the same project file, it all works well.
  • It is not a shortcut problem.

Here's a screenshot of the message:

Has anyone ever managed to solve this?