Post.Edit Compare: No reports created, no TER values


We have been using Post.Edit Compare (version with SDL Studio 2019 Professional (SR2) from a while now to compare PEMT projects and it has worked well.

However, since the last Java update (now jre-8) it happens the following:

1) We keep receiving the error message "The object reference has not been set to an object instance" each time we try to create a report:

Of course, no report is created.

2) Two times we managed (not sure how...) to create a report but TER scores were set to cero, though there were plenty of changes made to the machine translated text during the post-editing

We have tried already everything we found in old posts about the TER error, such as updating the Java file path under settings in the Post.Edit Compare. However, it doesn't work.

Could someone please advise?

Thanks a lot in advance and best regards,


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  • Hello Steven,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I checked in the SDL Plugin management tool and we had installed the newest version (4.5) from the AppStore.

    However, I just tried again to deinstall and install the plugin (we did this before) and we do get a report but the TER scores are still false:

    Some other ideas?

    Thanks in advance and best regards,


  • Hello again,

    We still have this problem as before, but there is something new.

    We received lately a follow-up project for evaluation with similar contents but different file formats (DOCX, instead of XLSX). We did the post-editing and created a report with PostEdit Compare. Supringsingly, there were the TER scores!

    The only possible explanation we can find for this is that the original file format of the documents does matter.

    Does someone have more information about this? Any ideas?

    Thanks again and best regards,


  • Stven, Could you help me with the issue that I have. 

    I use post edit comapre and get all the values only except for TER. 

    I uploaded JAVA executable and using Studio 2017. 

    Maybe because my target language is Korea. Can you help me with that?