When can I run CleanUp Tasks in a Task sequence?

I defined a custom Task Sequence and intended to run CleanUp Tasks (love it!) right after "Copy to Target Languages", but it does not work - the file is not cleaned up. (I am using the "Conversions" function.)

I have to run it last in the task sequence, and then it works, but it means that I have to run another manual pre-translate batch task afterwards, because the TM contains CleanedUp source segments, of course.

Why can't I run it before Apply Perfect Match (see screenshot below)? Maybe   knows more about this?

Thank you,


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  • Hello ,

    I've investigated the situation you described above and you should run the "Cleanup Source" task after the "Pre-translate Files" batch task: in the "Cleanup Source" task, the operations are made on the segments which are accessible only after the "Pre-translate Files" is executed, this is the reason why you cannot see any changes if you run the batch task in the sequence you want.

    Currently, we cannot implement a workaround, because we don't have the needed logic exposed in the public APIs, so you should set the "Cleanup Source" task to run as I've described below, from one of the cases:

          1. During the project creation, defined as last task in the custom batch task sequence , like in the below print screen:

           2. During the project creation, defined in the custom batch task after the "Pre-tranlsated Files" task, like in the following sequence:

    • Convert to Translatable Format
    • Copy to Target Languages
    • Apply PerfectMatch
    • Pre-translate Files
    • Cleanup Source
    • Populate Project Translation Memories
    • Analyze Files

           3. Independently, after the project was created

    The most important is that the "Cleanup Source" task needs to be executed after the "Pre-traslate Files" task.

    With kind regards,

    Florentina Caputa

  • Hi

    I agree with - that sequence does not make a lot of sense. We need to clean up and THEN pre-translate, because our TMs will be from cleaned up files!

    So at the moment the only solution seems to be run CleanUp Tasks after pre-translate and then manually pre-translate another time. Disappointed


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