"General error occurred" and "MultiTerm is unable to retrieve the multimedia object"

I am working on a package sent by the client on a Mac (with the virtual machine paralells and windows and esxcel installed there). I tried to convert an excel file to sdl tb format as suggested by the SDL Manual used by the client. But I could only generate the formats: xdt, xml (as html file) and xdt.log. According to the help menu of the glossary converter the xml format can be used to be uploaded in Multiterm as glossary. But when I upload the xdt format in the term base section I get this the above message. Any idea. Had a look at other similar questions, but I did not get any further there.

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  • Where is ".sdltb" ? It has all information you needed, so is mandatory.

    But the original poster doesn't have an SDLTB and you said she didn't need the XDT?

    My "OneGo" tool reads sdltb first and rekon its structure

    And put all the relevant information into it from Excel file.

    So, you need an additional step which is to create the SDLTB first and then you can import the Excel file.  This of course is obvious because you need that structure and if you don't have an SDLTB you need the XDT to be able to create one that has the appropriate structure.  That's why when you use MultiTerm Convert you get two files, the XDT and the XML.

    I hope you see what I'm saying here Adrian.  This is not a disagreement, I just just trying to add clarity to your statement that the user did not require an XDT when she clearly did because she didn't have an SDLTB.

    However, here's an XDT for you, see if your tool can one-click the Excel file I gave you and convert it to the appropriate multilingual termbase with images, picklists etc.


    If it can then you've done a great job.

    The Glossary Converter can convert the Excel file without the XDT, but this is because it asks for the structure in it's own UI before it can make the conversion.  For simple files it's also a simple drag and drop as you don't need the structure.  It also converts both ways, from SDLTB to Excel and can aso convert between TMX, TBX, CSV, TXT, UTX, GLO and a couple of machine translation dictionaries.