Post-Edit Compare Errors


I'm using Post-Edit Compare to compare files from our linguists and files from the client's reviewers. I've been using PlugIn in Studio 2017 (SR1 14.1.6413.8). Sometimes it allows me to create reports for a few languages, but after a while I start receiving error messages like:

Sometimes the PlugIn doesn't work for my whole team in Poland, but it works for my colleagues from Maidenhead.

I've uninstalled the PlugIn and installed it again. I've tried to use the PlugIn in Studio 2019 (SR1

Creating this reports is a very important step in our workflow and it's really slowing things down for me.

Could you please advise, what the best solution for this might be?

Thank you in advance Slight smile

Best Regards,

Agnieszka Michaelis