Can't download plug-ins from SDL AppStore

Hi, I've already seen a similar post from 2 years ago but the solution is just that "there is a glitch going on" so I'm hoping to get a recent reply.

I'm trying to download IRIS PDF OCR Support for Studio but it's always asking me to log-in before I'm allowed to download it. I've already logged-in a dozens of times, still to no success, it never assumes my log-in and just keeps on requesting it, not allowing me to download.

I would like to know if there is a solution for this.

Thank you,


  • Hello ,

    Can you please advise if you work with  Studio Freelance (or Professional ) or with the trial version ? 

    If it is the Freelance  version , can you please  provide me with more details in order to understand better where can be the problem , maybe send me  a print screen  with the error.

    In case  it is the trial version , please note that  it has some limitations: you do not  have access to machine translation, apps and  multiterm desktop , as  these require a  license (for freelance or professional).

    Looking forward for your reply .

    Best regards , 

    Alina Obreja