Deepl plugin not working

Hello everybody,

I am aware that there is a similar case that has been posted recently, but my situation is a bit different.

I have purchased a Deepl API key, but I have never managed to make it work. What I get is the following message:

Neither the SDL nor the Deepl supports are able to help. 

Here is what I have done so fare:

- reset my Studio 2017 profile.

- uninstalled and reinstalled the Deepl plugin

- attempted to whitelist the plugin in my Windows Firewall, but when it comes to creating an exception for it, I cannot locate the plugin file on the machine.

Unfortunately I am not an IT expert, so I am probably doing something wrong or missing something out.

Anyone had a similar problem? Thank you.

  • Hello  

    This error on its own doesn't tell us very much at all.

    If you could post the full error stack- this could provide useful information-

    Please reboot your PC and then ensure you are logged on as ADMIN  and then navigate to the following folder-

    You should now see the plugin if it has been correctly installed and you can now add this to your AntiVirus providers white list.

    Now restart the PC and try to create a new project using DeepL