ModernMT plugin paid?


On the AppStore, it looks like the DeepL plugin is free and the ModernMT plugin is paid, but to me it looks like both plugins are free and both require a subscription to the service, which of course is paid.

If I am correct then I would suggest calling both plugins free and (if you want to) pointing in the explanatory text that it requires a paid subscription to the MT provider.


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  • Users filter on free and whilst you would not know this, I can tell you I often receive complaints from users who didn't realise they also had to pay for the other software... sometimes saying they only purchased Studio to be able to use this "free" plugin.

    Then it's your role to politely explain them that they are just dumb and simply did not get how the things work... and that next time they should READ and UNDERSTAND the available information FIRST.

    I'm sorry, but just rushing to a shop and blindly paying a couple hundreds of Euros for something what they don't even know how it works, is simply dumb. And only confirms that humans are alarmingly degenerating!

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