ModernMT plugin paid?


On the AppStore, it looks like the DeepL plugin is free and the ModernMT plugin is paid, but to me it looks like both plugins are free and both require a subscription to the service, which of course is paid.

If I am correct then I would suggest calling both plugins free and (if you want to) pointing in the explanatory text that it requires a paid subscription to the MT provider.


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  • Hi and

    I did not know what avalanche I would trigger with my little post... I share Evzen's understanding of "free" though - the plugin is free. When I looked at the costs I thought, well I pay for ModernMT and I will have to pay for this plugin too! (Which is not the case as I found out after installing it.)

    Some Apps are what I would call "Trial", they offer reduced functionality unless the user pays (e.g. Excelling Studio), some are genuinely free like CADF or TermInjector, some are paid, you have to pay to get the plugin or to get it to work.

    Then there is that connector type like DeepL etc. which are free, but useless without a subscription.

    Can't you define more than "free" and "paid" as field values?

    Free - CADF, TermInjector ...

    Freemium - Excelling Studio

    Paid (and I would include "Trial"-Software here) - RyS Termbase & Translation Assembler

    Free Connector to Paid Service (you'd have to find a suitable name here) - DeepL... all MT providers, Rigi ...

    Just a thought. 


    BTW your "Pricing information" field does not seem to accept HTML: