ModernMT plugin paid?


On the AppStore, it looks like the DeepL plugin is free and the ModernMT plugin is paid, but to me it looks like both plugins are free and both require a subscription to the service, which of course is paid.

If I am correct then I would suggest calling both plugins free and (if you want to) pointing in the explanatory text that it requires a paid subscription to the MT provider.


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  • Can't you define more than "free" and "paid" as field values?

    Free - CADF, TermInjector ...

    Freemium - Excelling Studio

    Paid (and I would include "Trial"-Software here) - RyS Termbase & Translation Assembler

    Free Connector to Paid Service (you'd have to find a suitable name here) - DeepL... all MT providers, Rigi ...

    I'm afraid not... trivial though it may sound.

    This of course is a good solution and we did make a request to have a change similar to this introduced last year. But internally there is rather a large backlog and this change has not made it anywhere near to the top of the list yet.  I imagine if anyone read this thread it might help our cause!

    I'm going to reverse the change I made to the DeepL plugin on the basis I'm now outnumbered 2:1 and will instead make the correction to the ModernMT plugin and mark it as free with an appropriate change to the text.  Hopefully we'll get to a better solution sooner rather than much later.