Is trados a really bad translation software????

I have spend two weeks looking for a solution to this problem,

I have tried different approaches, including editing the segment rules, but nothing in trados can solve my problem.

My request is a very simple request: 

day -> Tag
world -> Welt

And you want a source segment to be roughed into a target segment in this fashion:

Hello World, have a nice day. -> Hello Welt, have a nice Tag.

Why can't trados add a button to achieve this? will trados ever achieving this in our lifetime???

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    1) within SDL Trados Studio, I have posted its outline above comment. The best solution.
    2) for a workaround. First, "Copy All Source to Target" and export it with "Export for Bilingual Review" functionality, process exported MS Word file as you wish, and when you done, import it into SDL Trados Studio again. There are several good ways to extract SDL TB's contents easily, including mine which is written AutoHotkey. 
    3) another workaround, basically the same idea as #2. Now, you process ".sdlxliff" format not ".docx" format.
    #2 and #3 is indirect and several steps more involved - in short, inconvenient.
    actually,  for all 3 ideas are not very differnt each other, you have to have nice skills to handle "text" properly.

    Good Luck To You

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