Delete NMT origin in Trados segments with Integrated Segment Actions is impossible

Is it possible to delete the NTM origin from Neural Machine Translations in segments in an easy, non-convoluted way? Unfortunately, the otherwise great Integrated Segment Actions does allow it for AT (Automated Translations) but not for NMT (Neural Machine Translation) and I don't  know how can I contact the author to ask for an update.

My client does not specifically say anything against NMT (confidentiality aside, but that is not an issue as the confidentiality terms from my NMT are stricter than the ones I have with my agency) but, as a rule, agencies do not like it, if only for the stupid idea that having your freelance translator work for longer means the job is better. Or, in other words, working for shorter should get you a lower rate. In any case, they usually don't like your taking shortcuts to do your job, even if the final quality is the same.

So I am not very keen on letting them know of my use of NMT, although I am not infringing any terms. Any ideas on how to do it?

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