Failing to import files with StudioViews

I recently started using StudioViews to split files between translators or for the same translator to make small deliveries instead of one big delivery.

Full disclaimer, I am using Groupshare. I split the large file, add the XLIFF files back into the project and check them in so my translators can use the Groupshare platform and then I import the XLIFF files back into the large file.

This was working fine for small files.

But when I tried it with a 20,000 word file split into 2 files with 10,000 words each, the import process ran forever and never finished. (I left it running for over 3 hours)

I just tried a 40,000 word file split into 6 files of around 6500 words each and the import process took about 10-15 minutes, but it finished successfully.

So is there an issue with trying to import files that are over a certain limit of words or size?

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