Google Translate AutoSuggest not working


I've been successfully using GT AutoSuggest for quite a long time. A few days ago, it stopped working - no suggestions are offered. The same happened on both my computers (desktop/laptop), and I've seen other users complaining about the same, so I guess something must have changed.

Is there a way to get GT AutoSuggest working as it did before (which was great)?

Thanks a lot in advance!



  • Same here, a response would be much appreciated.
  • Hi guys, I'm not the developer (obviously) and I thiknh Xingzeng may well still be on leave for Easter. Give him this week and I imagine he'll be responding next week now.
    I did think this was working for me but I can see now it's not. Maybe work with the MT AutoSuggest in the meantime... works with any MT engine at all... just add the engine and then disable it in the settings. The AutoSuggest will come through (I checked!) but you don't get the full MT result polluting your target in one go (if you prefer to work this way).
    I had a scout around to see whether Google changed anything in their API but I could not see anything obvious so we will need to wait for the developer to investigate this.
    It would be worth knowing what version of Studio and which CU you are all using? Also, did you notice if it started to fail after a particular event?
  • Hi Paul,

    There was no particular event. It just stopped working without any particular reason.

    Kind regards,
  • Hi Paul,
    I have exactly the same problem, "Google Translate Auto suggest" add-on is not working anymore. Also I can't point out any special event when the said app stopped working.
    Not sure if it is of any relevance but just in case - I use SDL Studio 2014 SP2 on Windows 8.1 Pro.
    Just a question, would the users be informed automatically when the problem has been resolved?
    Thanks an best regards
  • Hi Paul and fellow SDL users!
    I am also facing the same problem. It may have occured once I downloaded SP2, which was two days ago.
    You mentioned that the developer may fix the problem after Easter, but I believe I realised the problem later, so maybe SP2 is related to the issue.
    Do you think it may solve the problem by re-downloading SP1??
    Thank you for your reply,
  • Hi guys,

    I'm not sure what would resolve this and haven't tried goingback to SP1... if you do it let us know if this wored. I did speak to the developer today though who is just back from leave and he will take a look at this over the next few days... he needs to catch up with his day job first ;-)
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