Google Translate AutoSuggest not working


I've been successfully using GT AutoSuggest for quite a long time. A few days ago, it stopped working - no suggestions are offered. The same happened on both my computers (desktop/laptop), and I've seen other users complaining about the same, so I guess something must have changed.

Is there a way to get GT AutoSuggest working as it did before (which was great)?

Thanks a lot in advance!



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  • Hi guys,

    I spoke with the developer and it seems the reason it does not work anymore is because Google added CAPTCHA to the translation service used for this feature. The solution to this problem is for him to add to the UI so it asks the user to fill in the response for each Studio startup.

    I don't have timescales on this but I know he's working on it.

    Until then, or even instead of, you have the MT AutoSuggest. This can also use Google but of course you have to pay for that service. SDL Language Cloud would be free and perhaps a useful alternative if the support for your language pairs is there.