Google Translate AutoSuggest not working


I've been successfully using GT AutoSuggest for quite a long time. A few days ago, it stopped working - no suggestions are offered. The same happened on both my computers (desktop/laptop), and I've seen other users complaining about the same, so I guess something must have changed.

Is there a way to get GT AutoSuggest working as it did before (which was great)?

Thanks a lot in advance!



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  • It works again! Don't really know what happened, I didn't do anything, it just works again.

    Thanks so much! I really really missed it.

    Edit: And now it has stopped working again. Sigh.

  • Hi Anja,

    I haven't been using Google AutoSuggest, because I was testing MT Autosuggest.

    Now when I want to use it, I see that my version is not working any more. I was trying to get the latest version from the openExchange but the page is not available.

    Could you help me with a working link to the latest or updated installation package. The version I have is 1.2 but that doesn't seem to work.

    Thank you and kind regards,

  • Hi Simon,

    The developer has created one that requires you to enter a captcha every time Studio starts but we have not published it yet. There is a discussion going on about the legalities of the way it works and until this is resolved it won't be getting placed back on the openexchange.

    You can of course use Google MT and then MT AutoSuggest if you find this gives you language pairs you can't get elsewhere or you think the quality is better. This is exactly the same result with the difference you need an API key from Google and have to pay for the translations.