Setting up Web Lookup for searching the term search + Plans to setup a database / shared space for WL lookup details?

Dear Web Lookup developers,

I have got the two following questions for you:

1) The term search is one of those online sources that don't work with WL for one of the reasons given in the instructions, like Bing Translator.

However, are there any other or workaround solutions to have it worked properly?

Any help would be welcome and much appreciated.

2) Do you have plans to setup a database or a shared space to share WL's lookup details between translators, as Michael Farrell, IntelliWebSearch's developer, did with its online IWB parameters database?

I'm asking the question because there is no point in reinventing the wheel and this will be very helpful for the less tech-savvy translators among us. For instance, I translate from 2 foreign languages into French, and I was extremely happy to discover some valuable online ressources among the preset search engines.

Thanks a lot for your help and this very useful application!

Eric Le Carre

  • Hi Eric,

    I think this will work for, if you add it in the URL column:{phrase}

    It will be any language to any, though. To make it work with a specific language combination will be much more complicated and even if a future release of Web Lookup may have better functionality for this kind of web sites the fact remains that it will be quite complex.

    Which, of course leads to your second question. This is a very good idea and I think it is mostly a question of seeing enough interest within the Studio community. If there is enough interest I'm sure there will be such a database - in one form or the other :)
  • Hi Mikael,

    Thank you very much for your reply and your workaround solution.

    However, the suggested workaround solution is unfortunately of no use to me.

    What I actually need is a workaround solution for this way only, i.e. from English or German (my other working language) into French.

    Anyway, many thanks again for your efforts.

    I hope there will upcoming versions of WL that will solve this problem, including for Studio 2015.

  • Hi Eric,

    After some input from ProZ themselves it turns out that you can use the following.

    For English to French:{phrase}

    For German to French:{phrase}

    In the current release of Web Lookup it is not possible to get the languages to be selected automatically so you need one lookup method per language combination. This may be improved in the next release.