SDL AppStore app idea competition poll - Vote for your favorite app idea for a chance to win

This poll is now over and the votes are in. And the winner is... Quick Wordcount!

A big thank you to those who voted as well as those who entered their app ideas. Keep an eye out on the SDL Community and the SDL AppStore for news on the development of the winning app.

During May and June, we asked you to submit your ideas for an app you wish existed on the SDL AppStore.

We've picked the top ideas for you to vote as your favorite in the poll below.

The idea with the most votes will then be developed by SDL into an app.

Two lucky voters will also win 1 of 2 Samsung Galaxy tablets. Vote now for a chance to win and see your favorite idea become a reality!

To be able to vote, simply check the app idea you like the most from the list below!

Please note - Only one vote will count per user. If you vote multiple times, only your most recent vote will be counted.

The poll will end on August 18th.

1. Cash Register - A motivating app that will measure the earnings for a project in real-time whilst translating in Studio. You will be able to set notifications to alert you when you reach certain sums of earnings depending on the rates set as well as see statistics of your productivity.

2. Archive Projects - An app that archives projects in Studio once they have been completed. This will help you to easily find and focus on current projects by taking away finished work from your work environment as well as helping to keep record of past work organised.

3. Capacity Manager - An app that helps plan allocation of work according to a translators specified capacity. Based on the delivery times of the projects and their progression, an estimation will be made of how many words can be translated by the translator every future day.

4. Quick Wordcount  - A widget (an app that works outside of Studio) which you can drag & drop files into to provide you with an instant word count. You can then simply copy and paste this result. No need to open Studio and create a folder or project to get the analysis of the file.

5. Thesaurus Plugin - An app that adds a thesaurus tool to lookup synonyms for words whilst translating in Studio. This will initially be developed to support a small selection of languages including English (with the possibility of additional languages at a later stage).

6. SDL Troubleshooter - An app that allows the user to get help from other users and SDL specialists when encountering an issue. The app will contain live support utilities as well as store the problem and solution information for reference in the future.

7. International Converter - An app that allows currencies and units of weight, length, pressure etc. to be converted through a new command in Studio.

8. F Digital Dictionary - A complete dictionary for the unique language used in social media which includes acronyms, emoticons, smileys, emojis, slang and abbreviation. The software that would be used to build this app supports English and Malay.

9. Copy an existing project and change target language - Dealing with multi-lingual projects? The app will allow you to prepare the project in one language fixing poor segmentation etc. and then transfer the same changes to all other languages in one step.

10. Microsoft Terminology Database Integration - An app that integrates the Microsoft multi-language terminology database directly into Studio.

11. LaTeX - Adds a new file type to Studio that enables the translation of LaTeX files. It would keep the respective tags in an appropriate order and recreate them in the target files.

12. Folder Lookup - An app that enables the user to look up directly into a personal folder containing reference files without having to leave Studio. After initially browsing to select the folder to search, then simply selecting a term and using a keyboard shortcut to open a window displaying all occurrences of the term in the reference files.

13. Progress Booster - An app that allows the user to set up encouraging notifications when a certain milestone of a project is reached such as when having achieved 25, 50, 75, 100% of a file and completing the whole project.

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