QA regex: How does the "Grouped search expression" function?

Based on the best documentation I can found, I have prepared a very simple file to test this function.

German: Seite 1 -> English: Page 2 

For this I have coded 2 regexes:

Source: Seite (\d+)

Target: Page (\d+)

I get the error message -> "Found in source but not in target"

Although the documentation mentions that a backreference should be used in the target, this would be Page \1, but this is not accepted in the regex editor.

What should be coded?


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  • Hi Paul,

    I need to create a regex grouped search pattern for this scenario. I have a list of words in the source segments which need to remain the same in target. I thought I could use Grouped search - source matches but not target and input this pattern:

    Source segment:


    Target segment:


    As I can read regex, this should mean "if you find one of the words from the list, verify that the same word appears in the target and notify me if that's not the case", but it doesn't work. I tried to input one word only (Source segment: (Duck)) to make a test, but it doesn't work at all.

    I then decided to use simple search instead of Grouped Search (source segment matches but not the target) and inputted this pattern:

    Source: Duck

    Target: Duck

    But neither this seems to be working.

    Apparently, I can't manage to use correctly the regex patterns which involve both source and target. I could use only "one-side" search pattern.

    I can send you the exported regex search settings file, if needed.

    Any suggestion?