Creating another xml file type with target tag empty

I'm trying (once again) to create an XML file type in order to translate some new xml files from one of my clients. The structure of xml file is: source language with text, 2 target languages empty. I don't usually have any problems preparing XML files to be translated in Trados Studio but In this case I need to prepare the files first in notepad++ in order to be able to translate them in Trados Studio. The structure is:

<rdf:li xml:lang="es-ES">{\rtf1 BLA BLA BLA TEXT TO BE TRANSLATED.}</rdf:li>
<rdf:li xml:lang="en-EN">{\rtf1}</rdf:li>
<rdf:li xml:lang="eu-EU">{\rtf1}</rdf:li>


Any ideas on how I could automatically copy/paste the text from "es-ES" to "en-EN" and "eu-EU"

Best regards,

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