Simple xml, no idea about xpath for it

I have a xml file with this structure:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<objektliste xmlns="">
    <uebersetzungen key="2234506" attribute="7505">
        <text sprache="1043">Sample text.</text>
        <text sprache="2057">Sample text.</text>
        <text sprache="1033">Sample text.</text>
        <text sprache="1036">Sample text.</text>
        <text sprache="1031">Sample text.</text>
        <text sprache="1040">Sample text.</text>
        <text sprache="1034">Sample text.</text>
        <text sprache="1053">Sample text.</text>

Now I just need to translate the lines with text sprache="1043"

I tried both //* non translatabe and //text/[@sprache"=1043"] always translatable or //* not translatable and //uebersetzungen/text/[@sprache="1043"], but neither works Disappointed

Has anyone here an idea, what shall I put in Xpath to get it working?