Lookbehind in RegEx of Data Protection Suite

I want to use a lookbehind to protect data after a certain string. In this case, my client wants to protect names that are preceded by ‘mevrouw’ (= Mrs.).

I wrote a RegEx with a case sensitivity flag and a lookbehind section. However, it didn’t work, and I found the lookbehind seems to be the cause. This is my (simplified) RegEx:


This is my source segment before Protect:

  • Ik ben mevrouw Smith en ik woon in Brussel.

Expected result:

  • Ik ben mevrouw <TAG> en ik woon in Brussel.

Actual result after Protect:

  • Ik ben mevrouw

I opened the SDLXLIFF in Notepad ++ and found that the content was really gone:

  • <seg-source><mrk mtype="seg" mid="1">Ik ben mevrouw</mrk></seg-source>

Obviously, after Unprotect:

  • Ik ben mevrouw

If I delete the lookbehind ((?-i)[mM]evrouw\s[A-Z][a-z]+), it works as expected: 'Mevrouw Smith' becomes a tag.

Is this a bug in the Data Protect Suite? Is there a fix or workaround?

Kind regards,


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