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Question for Paul Filkin: Is RegexBuddy the best software to get started with regular expressions, with perhaps RegexMagic for shortcuts for entire segments please? I'm looking for the most cost-effective options. Thank you very much for your help. Robert Calkin

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  • Getting RegexBuddy and PowerGrep (same author) has been a game-changer for me, esp. when processing XML files. Before I bought the software I found their tutorial very helpful: As for online regex checkers, I also like, but it does not support the .NET flavor, which is what Studio uses. With RegexBuddy, you can choose the flavor, so working with TermInjector, which uses the somewhat clunky Posix flavor, it's a real help.

    If you ever need to batch search, edit or collect data from text files, PowerGrep is what you always dreamt of. It's about the silver bullet unless you want to write your own scripts.