Suggestions for a Regex QA check to avoid "double genitives" (particularly of ... of ...)

I'm currently retranslating a text that a non-translator colleague had partially translated, and I noticed an abundance of double genitives in both source text (DE) and target text (EN) (rendering of German "des/der ... des/der ..." formulations with "of ... of ...") and in wanting to understand more about Regex was wondering if there might be a quick and dirty Regex-based QA check that could be done to trap these kinds of double genitives.

Does anyone have any suggestions on this?

  • Can you provide a couple of sample source and target sentences you need to catch?

  • It seems to be particularly prominent in titles and positions (e.g. in tabular reports of names and positions)

    Example 1:

    • DE: Auf Anregung der Vorsitzenden des Aufsichtsrats wurde beschlossen:
    • EN: With regard to the proposal of the Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board, it was decided:

    Example 2:

    Similarly I have a very lengthy list of titles, where some have been been translated as A of B of C (C is usually a company name)  

    • DE: Vorsitzender des Leitungsorgans der ABC AG
    • EN: Chairperson of the management body of ABC AG

    Sometimes it starts getting silly.

    • DE: Vorsitzender des Nominierungsausschusses des Aufsichtsrats des Tochterunternehmens der ABC AG
    • EN: Chairman/chairperson of the nominations committee of the supervisory board of the subsidiary of ABC AG
  • At a very simplistic level perhaps something like this would suffice?


    You could use this as a QA check in the target for example, or even in the display filter to filter all the segments that do this.

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