Studio 2021 RegEx file type - Inline tags: "Advanced"-Option missing

Hello all!

I wonder why in Trados 2021 (German UI) I don't get any reaction or dialog when I click on the "Advanced" option of an Inline tag in the definition of a RegEx-based file type?

I believe that there should be an option to include or exclude the content within a tag pair, am I right?

Thanks for any help!


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  • I just created an enhancement request though I think it would be good to think things through from the user/translator perspective rather than from the program perspective. Important is what we users see, not what Trados see. :-)

    Common senses would say: There is a tag pair, you can give its content colour, but it is not reflected in the program: In my own programs that would be something that I would treat as a bug, not a designed feature ... :-) It's clearly not the biggest issue...

    ... but I believe that one of the problems Trados often has is that such a incredibly useful and powerful program has too much areas that often feel a bit sloppy and designed with a bit of complicatedness or instability.

    (Alignment is one of the areas which come to my mind and where I had lots of absolutely cryptic and unhelpful error messages and crashes lately. But that's clearly off-topic here :-). Just remembering ... )

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