Structure information for XML attributes?

I found some related topics here but nothing that addressed this particularly. Real quick yes or no, is it possible to assign structure information (mainly color and structure text) to an attribute of a tag in Trados Studio? For example:

<Section Text="Wie verwende ich das Hilfesystem?" File="diagnostics_support/helponhelp/help.htm" Id="130ea524-7456-49d2-8014-fcd85e13a94b">

<Page Text="Arbeiten mit dem Help Explorer" File="diagnostics_support/helponhelp/help/helpwork.htm" Id="135e3179-04ca-4049-9545-6c0a0d40fec3" />

The "Text" needs to be translated but it would be helpful to simply show whether the text is for a page or section. I've assigned structure information to "Section" and "Page" but TS simply shows brown and TAG as the identifier for the opened-up attributes.

Not that important if not, but thought I'd ask to see if there was an easy way, thanks! Will otherwise rely on the DSI Viewer.

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