Represent tag in regular expression verification

Admittedly, I haven't looked deeply into this myself (yet). Thought I would ask here first to see if anyone can help.

I write a bunch of regular expression rules for QA Checker verification that check against various critieria, some of which involve spacing. I would like to check for an improper space before a period. However, sometimes a tag or tag group representing a link, for example, comes right before a period. For example:

Source:  Wie diese konfiguriert werden müssen, wird im Abschnitt <tag> erklärt.

Target: How these must be configured is explained in section <tag>.

I would love to be able to use the following simple RegEx:


The problem is the RegEx engine ignores the tag and simply treats like this:

...explained in section .

This of course triggers my rule and gives me a false positive. I therefore have to make a bunch of exceptions for the words that come right before the tag. (I hope I'm explaining this clearly).

Is there any way to represent a tag (all tags / any tags) in the "Regular expressions" section of the Verification / QA Checker 3.0?

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  • Hi 

    You can find a discussion about your issue at the link below, but long story short, what you are asking for is not possible with the QA Checker.
    Or to put it in another way, the QA checker…