Custom bilingual XML with HTML embedded content

Hi Community,

I received a custom XML file, with HTML embedded content, with both the source and the target content in it.

I tried creating a custom file type in Studio, but despite selecting the 'HTML embedded content processor', the HTML code such as <span> and <li> is not picked up and processed by Studio.

Also both the source content and the translation should be imported into the file, so the translation can be reviewed in Studio. I am not quite sure where to start.

Please find below a sample file and the custom file type, as far as I got:


Can you please help me, pointing me to the right direction?

Thank you!!

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  • Studio doesn't support BilingualXML so you can only handle this using a monolingual XML filetype as you have attempted to create.  But this is going to be useless to you unless you can copy the source into the target and translate the target, then add a TM (perhaps) that contains the current translations.  So if you have to use Studio for this your course of action would be this:

    1. create a TM from the existing file
    2. manipulate the XML to get the source into the target element

    To do the first I try this perhaps... extract the source with a custom XML filetype and export to Excel (appstore).  Then extract the target (change filetype settings to pull the target) and export to Excel.  Merge the two Excel files into one and convert the Excel to a TM (Glossary Converter perhaps... many ways to do this).

    Then using a text editor that supports regex you replace the target content with the source.  Then Open the XML again, using the target extraction in your custom filetype (this will now contain the source content), pretranslate from your TM and review.

    Finally save the target file and you have a reviewed target.

    A bit messy... if your client has a developer I'd recommend creating a bilingual XML filetype to handle this, especially if they get a lot of these files.  The SDK contains an example of how to do this and I know several companies who have done it, but none of them have put their solutions on the appstore I'm afraid.

    Maybe someone has a better idea... that would be my approach if I was unable to develop a filetype for this.  Sometimes I think the cost of employing a developer to create filetypes when you need them would pay for itself over and over again.  Studio is great for custom solutions if you have a developer!

  • Thank you Paul for your help, I understand it now.
    Let's see what option the client chooses.

    One last question please:

    Do you think Passolo could handle mutlingual XMLs? I understand it handles multilingual Excel files.
    Maybe then we could prepare the SDLXLIFF in Passolo? 

    Thank you,

  • I heard that Passolo (which I don't use) can handle bilingual XMLs. I developed a method to work with bilingual XMLs in Studio, with segmentation and automatic alignment. Works well if there is sufficient segment parity. I can give you more info if you are interested.



    My approach would produce this:

  • Is that a conversion to XLF?  Would indeed work well with this xml file.

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