Problem with complex regexes with Find

Whereas \w+,\s(\w+) is processed without problem, the "complex" \w+,\s(\w+\s\d{1,2}) could not processed within an acceptable time.

Display Filter had no problem with the "complex regex", but cannot be used in my case because I need to make a replacement.

The "solution" was to replace \w with [a-z] (case-insensitive). Even [a-z0-9]+,\s([a-z0-9]+\s\d{1,2}) brought Find to its "knees".  

This behaviour concerns Studio 2019. 

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  • Strange. My document has 3000 segments; the first match at segment 153 took 55 seconds (starting at the first segment)! Even the search starting at segment 135 (3 lines) took 20 seconds, although starting at segment 136 (1 line, as were all intervening segments) was instantaneous.