Big troubles after the maintenance works on saturday 13!!!!

 I cannot use SDL 2021 since saturday 13 although it worked perfect (as perfect can be with a new version...small bugs to be ignored fist) before.

The problem is, I get this error  "Der Antwortstatuscode gibt keinen Erfolg an: 404 ()" and SDL 2021 shuts down.

I tried to uninstall and reinstall the version several times and restart my computer but it never helped.

I lost many time till now.

I can hopefully work with the older 2019 version that also produce an error message by opening first ("problem with Internet connection") but that works though.

I hope to get a solution soon, as obviously many other users, since the problem seems to definitively lie by SDL and the connection to the language cloud, combined with a big bug in 2021.

Thank you for helping!

Best regards, Marie Thiriet

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