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I have a question about API. I translate Haitian Creole and was told that I have to use an API to use Google Translate. I don't understand the process and cannot create a key. It asks me for what website I want the key and I don't know what to put there. Is there a step by step process I can access to get Haitian Creole to work in Trados?

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  • Hi,

    Perhaps the best thing here is to follow the instructions here:

    Then... if you get stuck post back in here and tell us, with screenshots which part you are stuck on.  Then it might be easier to help you.

  • I think I got the API key to work but once I add the MT Enhanced Plug in using Google Translate I got a pop up that read that it does not support any language pair in this project or project template. See the first screenshot. When I try it with Microsoft Translator, it inserts FRENCH into the target instead of Haitian Creole (Fr-HT)despite it being a language that it offers-just like Google. When I add SDL Language Cloud, it does nothing. See second screenshot. The third screenshot shows my project language settings. What should I do?

  • I think the first thing to do is remove any TMs you have got set up in the specific language pair.  You may have problems due to using both All Language Pairs and the specific language pair.

    That message is in your first screenshot.

    Can you also test this language pair in a new project.  Just create a single file project, don't add any TMs and only use MT Enhanced.  See if that works for you?  Also, what version of Studio are you using?

  • Thank you very much. I am using Trados 2021 freelance. When I tried a test project without adding any TMs and only using MT Enhanced, and tried to add MT Enhanced under the English>French (Haiti) pair only, the program refused to let me do it and referred me to all language pairs. (See screenshot) When I go under All Language Pairs, I get an Error X One or more errors occurred. See attached screenshot. In regards to the warning "You have set up different translation memories..." I don't understand why that happens as when I begin new project under the default, it automatically selects English (United States) as the source language and French (Haiti) as the target language. Somehow, I'm still not able to get MT Enhanced to work. Any other ideas? You sent me a screenshot months ago wherein you got it to work on your Trados 2019.

  • I tested with 2021 and also using the very latest plugin form MT Enhanced (the one marked as Beta).  It works for Google without a problem:

    I did the same thing with MS Translator but this doesn't return Haitian Creole.  No surprises there however as we only made a change in the source code to support this in Google:

    This article explains the hack we implemented in the MT Enhanced plugin using Google to achieve this:

    I checked in 2021 and we still don't have proper support for this language, most likely because Microsoft still don't provide support for this language in their LCID (Windows Language Code Identifier) Reference.

    This also means SDL Language Cloud machine translation won't support this either... you'll only get French:

    So the only way to get Haitian Creole at the moment is to use the MT Enhanced plugin set up for Google.  Now, that's the theory.  What we don't know is why you are getting these errors and cannot make this work as it's working just fine for me.  I am suspicious that this problem is related to changes made in the Freelance version of Trados Studio 2021 with the removal of the need to select 5 languages.  But for the time being let's try and clean up your Studio and see if this helps.

    So, please do the following.  First of all I'd like you to make sure you are using the latest version which should be:

    SDL Trados Studio 2021 -
    SDL MultiTerm 2021 -

    If you're not, then please go to this article and download and install the latest build for Studio:

    For MultiTerm you'll need to use the autoupdate feature because I cannot find an article for this at the moment :-(

    Once you've updated please reset Studio and restart.  It's important you completely clean things out so don't skip anything.  Rename this folder (just add _old to the end or something, it's not important what you rename it to) and restart Studio:

    c:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\SDL\SDL Trados Studio\Studio16

    c:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\SDL\SDL Trados Studio\16

    So the paths would become these:

    c:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\SDL\SDL Trados Studio\Studio16_old

    c:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\SDL\SDL Trados Studio\16_old

    If you can't find these folders then you need to unhide your hidden files/folders:

    Once you've done this reinstall your plugins using the integrated appstore feature in Studio.  This will make it easier and faster anyway:

    Then just go through and install all the plugins you wish to use and restart Studio:

    Once you've done all of this let me know what the outcome is.  If it still fails I do have another idea and will email you separately to test it, but please do work through all of these steps so we know you have a clean install for the next idea.

  • Paul,

    And that, my friend, is a wrap!!!! I don't know where I went wrong before but it works now. I'm guessing it was either a problem that the reset corrected or I was using the other MT Enhanced (not Beta). This time I followed your instructions and installed the Beta version. It's working perfectly now. Thanks again.

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