Garbled characters in trados 2019 preview

I have a md file to translate, I'm using Trados2019sr2, so I can process md files, the md file is in Chinese, and when I open the editor and click the preview button, all the chinese characters are garbled;

BTW: It shows the right chinese characters in File - Print & View - View In - Web Browser as Source & Web Browser as Target

Heres some screenshots:

grabled characters

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  • , can you clarify the Studio version (Help > About SDL Trados Studio)? We had a defect about similar issues which was solved in SR2 CU4: 

    • Fixed real-time preview for Markdown files when translating…
  • 1 month ago in reply to Xiang Li +1 verified

    That seems to be your problem then.  Please update to the latest versions which should be:

    SDL Trados Studio 2019 SR2 -
    SDL MultiTerm 2019 -

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  • I have spoken to the filetype manager responsible for the development of this and the only thing he could add is that he thinks it's an encoding issue and he doesn't know where else to look.

    I think we know it's an encoding issue, but we don't know why it's affecting you and not me.  If you're using a different UI language can you try switching it to English and see if this makes any difference?

    Can you tell me if you're using a specific language pack with Windows rather than English?

    Can you also make sure you have the latest versions of Internet Explorer installed on your machine?

    I'm really guessing I'm afraid.  I was hoping the developer might be able to give me something to help diagnose this problem you're having.