SDL Live doesn't update with the translation made in Studio


SDL Live doesn't update with the translation that I made in Studio. I already translated about 10 segments in the Studio, but only the 1st segment is reflected in the Trados live. In fact, it tells there's an updated Cloud version (which is in fact some minutes older) in the cloud. So, it can't even tell which version is the most recent one. I hit 'refresh' button numerous times, but the translation done bin the Studio is still not reflected in the Trados live.This might sound stupid, but why don't you just add 'upload' button in the Studio so that all the translations done in the Studio will be immediately reflected in the Trados Live when the user hit the button?


  • When you advertised that SDL Trados Live work seamlessly with SDL Trados Studio, I assume that when I translate a segment in the Trados Studio, it will be immediately reflected in the Trados Live. Please  let me know if this is not the case.

  • Hello ,

    Perhaps this is a settings issue.

    I have just run a simple test using a PPT and side by side real time recording, which shows updates in Studio are almost immediately reflected in Trados Live and vice versa as I move from segment to segment.

    A deliberate typo once confirmed is also visible in Trados Live almost immediately.

    In Trados Live, when you open the Lookups, you will see for example here- you need to confirm the required translation

    Could you perhaps check that the TM is enabled in Studio

    If you are still having problems, please post a few screenshots (settings in Studio/Language Cloud) as this might help us see where the issue lies.

  • Dear Steven,

    Thank you for your reply. Yes, TM is enabled in Studio.

    Please check the screenshot below. Many thanks.

  • Hello ,

    Thanks for the screenshot.

    This shows that you only have Language Cloud and no TM(s)

    When you receive target suggestions from the Language Cloud, you also need to be able to save them in order to be able to reuse them.

    We have created a few short wiki's, that are designed to help you get started with Studio/Trados Live

    It is important to set up and create your Translation Engine (contains all the resources you need- such as TM's, Machine Translation, Termbase), which you need to be able to work between Studio/Trados Live.

    Each of the Wikis above will guide you through the process of setting everything up.

  • Dear Steven,

    Thank you.

    Well, I created the project in the, and I had added the TM online. So, why did the TM dissappear when I chose to open the project in the Trados Studio instead? Why was it missing when I chose to work with the Trados Studio?

    Or am I expected to add the TM that I created online manually to Trados Studio?

    Thank you.


  • Hello ,

    I can't say for sure what happened, perhaps there was an issue with the project creation.

    Maybe try once again - as a guide-

    Then click next and Select the correct Translation Engine

    The 'Online Project' now appears in Studio

    Download Project

    And now you should see the selected TM (from the previously selected Translation Engine.

    Does this help?

  • Dear Steven,

    Thank you for your explanation. I think it's a little bit convoluted (too many steps, tabs/windows and clicks everywhere) and should have been made more simple, but I am starting to get the hang of it.Thanks for your help.


  • Hi Steven,

    I'd like to ask you something with regard to the the sync capability. Let's assume that someone is working on the Online Editor as a translator. And at the same time, I edit his translations in the Trados Studio (I shared my account details with him so that we can complete a project faster). So, if I make any changes to the existing translation in the Trados Studio, those changes would not be reflected in the online editor unless he refreshes his page or confirms those changes manually from the TM side pane, right?

    In case he doesn't confirm the changes made, such changes made wouldn't be reflected in the Online Editor, right? And when it gets repeated in the subsequent segments, the translation populated automatically in the target segments would be the old version, right?

    Sorry but I got this wrong idea that Trados live sync capabilities would work the same way like that in the online localization portal Cr*wdin. You don't need to do anything to confirm changes made in Trados Studio in the online editor because everything is connected to the cloud, so when you make changes one platform, it will be automatically reflected in the others (without having to confirm it manually). Please let me know if this is not the case.

    Edit: On a related note, it's not possible to access (sign in) to online editor from two different computers at the same time (a translator and proofreader work simultaneously in Online Editor)?

    Many thanks.


  • Hello  

    Trados Live Essentials allows you to login to Studio and Trados Live at the same time.

    What you cannot do, is log into, two instances of Trados live at the same time as this version is simply not designed for collaboration, but to give freelancer's the freedom of working online or locally as the situation dictates.

    If you wish to work/collaborate with others in Trados Live, you will need a Team edition.

  • Hello 

    Thank you for your clarification. I have checked the Team edition, and it is not tailored for a collaboration of just two translators. Too expensive. You should have considered that a team of translators might just consist of one translator and one proofreader only so that you can adjust the prices accordingly. Give us more options.

    Many thanks.


  • Hello ,

    We are always looking for feedback on Studio/Trados live as this helps us develop our offerings as we move forward. Perhaps this might be a feature in the future.

    Although this is not a cloud solution, perhaps the following maybe suitable under these circumstances

  • Hello

    Thank you for your help, I was actually interested in using shared resources as explained in your links, but am too afraid to encounter new problems. There are no detailed step-by-step instructions. So, I haven't tried it :(

    Thanks anyway for your help.