Why it took so long to get a notification for a new project in the Inbox

I created a new test project online.

I could not start working on it and gave up till the notification "A new Translation task is assigned to you" shows up about 12 hours later in my mail.

On top of that, all accented characters from the .cst file I assigned to me were replaced by a ?

  • Hello ,

    When you create a project, you can accept this via the Inbox (which should be available to you just as soon as this has finished pre-processing).

    If there is such a delay on email notifications, and this happens on every project then there maybe an issue that needs looking into.

    The issue with the characters, may infer that this is a language issue (I'm guessing here) that the source file does not match that of the project languages.

    Are you able to share a test file with me (swhale@sdl.com) please along with the chosen language pair?

  • Steven,

    The inbox was not available when I created the project and I gave up.

    At the time, 11 hours ago, I did receive a notification "New Project created" but I could not get to work till the second e-mail came in after 10 hours, up to my surprise, and only then I could Accept and see the project as workable.

    To make sure, I just added a file to the project (same file as before), but this time I thought about the file format and saved it as CSV UTF-8 in Excel.

    The new file shows up correctly this time in the online editor and the notification  "A new Translation task is assigned to you" came in my inbox within 1 minute?

    I have to remember to save the .csv file in Excel as CSV UTF-8 in Excel, since this is not needed when I work in Studio???