Open a project in the cloud

I wonder if I can create a project (or open a package) on my usual PC, and translate normally, and transfer the whole project to the cloud to finish the translation or QA on the laptop and back the project again to PC? If yes, how can I do it?



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  • At this time, you can only work with client packages (PPX) locally- This is however functionality that we are looking to implement in the future.

    So I all I need is to extract the bilingual file from the folder, to append a Tm, and to create a new project to work in cloud, and thereafter incorporate the new Tm to the original project in Studio. Well, as a workflow it's not straight away, but better than nothing. 

    But many thanks to implement the cloud, it sounds promising. Thanks for the wiki, I'll consult for sure.

    And many thanks for the answer. very helping.


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