Can't configure Custom TM Fields in the project template setting

I started using SDL Trados Live without too much trouble, but a few days ago I noticed that I could no longer edit the translation memory fields in the Projects template under resources (the fields are empty). I can edit everything else except these fields. However, I have created a translation memory with well-filled fields. On the translation memory settings page, I do have: Field template: default field template
and on Default field template: I have all the fields I use for my TM listed (Client, subject, ID..............)

Thank you in advance for your help

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  • Oh really! thanks, but I don't have a Coud TM anymore, and I can't create and import my local TM since I get an error message every time, I already opened a post that didn't get answered. I just tried again, but nothing has changed. I should point out that I had already imported this local TM into the first Cloud TM I created without any problems (I followed the same process as explained on my relative post).  SDL live is starting to scare me! 

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