Trados hangs

Now with Trados 2021 I face the same problem as before with Trados 2017 and Trados 2019.

When I confirm MT or TM entries fast (ctrl. enter, ctrl. enterthe etc) system stops.

When I wait to provide more time - or save the project - nothing happens.

Yesterday I waited 2 hours and finally killed Trados in the task manager where Trados used all processor capacity available, means the free 80-92 % and drives the processor up to 100% for all the 2 hours.

When I cancel saving process it shows something about "failure, reference and project instance" (don't have the full sentence in mind anymore, but it is in German anyway)

Any solution? (still the same system: core i7 8th generation, 16 GB ram, 2 Samsung SSD - no slow system)

This drastically slows down my work

Thank you

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