Update file & merge segments in SDL Trados Live

I've created a project on the cloud. The original file has a few changes and I wonder where is the Update File option.

Is it possible to update the source? Options are disable when working on my Desktop and I don't find a command on SDL Trados Live.

Also, can I merge segments if I work on-line?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi - you can "cancel" a file in Language Cloud and then add the new version of the document like Paul says. This is possible via the Files tab in a project in the web user interface. In future we will also have a replace functionality (which will automate these steps) but in the meantime that is the process you can use. When you add a new version of the file then you will leverage your TM content etc. so you can then still pick up where you left off I would think. Thanks, Daniel