How to revert back from Studio 2021 to Studio 2017

Dear all,

Today my computer restarted and I couldn't use Studio 2017 anymore.
Well, I started to use Studio 2021 as advised before but it doesn't let me
add Google Cloud translation API anymore. Normally
I translate 1800-2000 characters per hour but with the API 
I translate 6000 characters per hour because I only have to edit the AT.
I have a huge translation on my hands and I have to finish it by tomorrow.
Please, how could I revert back to Studio 2017? I need to use this
API, otherwise I will translate the text for more 3-4 days. 
I wasn't aware of the fact that I would lose this most helpful API
with new Studio. If I had known it, I would never have upgraded...
It slows down my speed by 3 times. 
Could anybody help me? When I just tried to use the new 
license for Studio 2017, the programme did not accept it.
Thank you in advance,
  • Go to the appstore integration in Trados Studio 2021 here:

    Install either of these two plugins:

    Use this MT Provider:

    You can choose between Microsoft Translator or Google.  Select Google and enter your API key as normal.  If you use the Beta version you also have to choose between V2 Basic, or V3 Advanced.  If you don't know what AutoML is and have not created your trained engines and glossaries in Google Cloud then V3 is not for you.  V2 is the same as the old one with just a single API key required.