SDL Trados Live crashing-error 403 no licence available

I have managed to complete 3 projects on Trados Live this week, but yesterday and today experienced crashes. Yesterday, service was restored before too long. Today, it shows the dashboard accessible, but will not open the project I was working on and brings up an error 403 no licence available, although it was obviously working up until that point. I want to believe it is a server issue, but I'm on deadline, and this is quite an inconvenience. (Sorry to be such a Karen.)

Any insights on what the problem might be? I hope it's you and not me, in that it might be solvable.


  • Support Case Id : 00546841. Support case has been logged for your assistance. Please check your SDL Community email address for updates.

  • More on what happened:

    This is not happening now. But when it did, I only saw it on the one project. Didn't think to check others. All my projects are cloud-based, as I do not currently have a functioning desktop version.

    I didn't get a screenshot.

    It just showed a message saying "(Error 403 No license available)".

    I had no other browser open, and I looked at my SDL account/licenses and saw that I still have one available anyway. I also tried logging out of everything SDL-related and logging back on.

    After a while, it just started working again, which makes me think it was an Editor-related issue, as the other menus/tabs on Trados Live were working ok. Just the editor wouldn't open the file to work on.

    And SDL's response, for anyone who might be experiencing something similar:

    One more question, do you happen to have more than 1 tab or browser opened?

    The error could be related to the limit of concurrent access/licenses per your account. If you have too many browsers opened, or are connected from two different computers the limit of how many windows you can have LC opened might be reached.


    Thank you for your feedback, glad to hear that it is working now. 

    It seems that this is related to the fact that it takes some time (15-30 min) for the "license" for Online Editor to be released.

    You can only have 1 Online Editor tab opened at one time.