Correction of numbers in Trados 2021

I am currently translating annual financial statements into English, and I have a lot of numbers in this document.

The number format in the source text looks like this: 123 456,78 and the number format in the target text is supposed to look like this: 123,456.78 (In his example, 78 represent decimal places).

Trados 2017 used to make this number conversion automatically and impeccably. I never even thought about it.

Trados 2021, however, is very inconsistent. Some of the target numbers are changed correctly, in others the comas are omitted for some reason. Target segments in the correct format alternate with target segments in the incorrect format. Why is that? How it can be fixed? I do not want to insert the comas manually because the document is too long and the whole purpose of Trados is to save translators from repetitive tasks. Precise instructions will be highly appreciated :).

  • It's actually pretty simple in 2021... I can get this:

    To do this you just need to change the rules in your TM:

    So I did this:

    1. opened the TM in my project settings (clicked on Settings after selecting the TM)
    2. went to language resources
    3. edited numbers for whatever your source language is
    4. added a space for the thousand separator and a comma for the decimal
    5. made sure the target language number format at the top was the one I wanted:

    That's it.

  • Thank you. I have checked the settings. They are exactly the same as you have specified, i.e. exactly what I need.

    However, the problem that I have described remains.

    Some of the numbers in my translation project are converted correctly and others not. 

    Here is an example of three consecutive segments (I don't know how to add a screenshot, sorry)

    Source          Target

    20 567           20,567

    20 567           20567

    1 567             1567

    And it goes on like that throughout the document

    Source            Target

    264 323           264,323

    264 323           264323

    2 567               2567

    etc, etc, etc.

    So I ask again. Why is that? :)

    It never happened in Trados 2017. 

  • So I ask again. Why is that? :)

    Well... let's try and think about what might be happening here.  I created a short..ish video while I played with this, using the numbers you just provided too.  Perhaps this will help you find where the problem lies.

    If you want to add a screenshot, and this would certainly be helpful, just take your screenshot (presumably you know how to take a screenshot you just don't know how to add it?) and then paste it into your reply.  Just like pasting into a word file for example.

  •  Thank you for the video, Paul. I will try to play with various settings a bit more as you have suggested.

    And here is the screenshot of what I was talking about. 


  • Thanks

    It would be more helpful if you could share a screenshot that also shows the TM results window against a result that's incorrect, and also see what happens when you use Ctrl+comma in one of these incorrect segments.

  • Dear Paul,

    I didn't have time to check everything you suggested, but this CTRL coma thing seems to work for now. 

    I really appreciate you help Slight smile

  • I have the exactly same problem with the Live as you, and I had to review all the documents I have done to make sure there is no error, which took me much more time than I didn't use Trados. I wonder if you fixed it.

  • No, not really. By default - it is still the way I described it above: utterly inconsistent. However, I found a temporary "fix". When I open a document with numbers, I first go to a segment with a number and use ctrl+comma to choose the correct option for that number. Then it kind of works all right for that specific document. "Kind of" because still some occasional numbers may be incorrect and I still have to manually check every single number just in case and that takes a LOT of my working time. I absolutely hate it. A couple of times Trados just changed all the numbers in a document to the incorrect format after I have already finished it. I still cannot figure out why that keeps happening....